Ocular Pharmacology

Ocular pharmacology is a branch of pharmacology that deals with the drugs that used in the ocular treatments. Ocular Pharmacology is also deals with the utilization of medications to both analyse and treat diseases of the eye. Ocular pharmacology includes the utilization of different visual medications through different courses for treating the eye illnesses. There are different microbial disorders of the eye like Fungal contaminations of the cornea, which are unusual yet may occur after farming injuries or in hot and moist atmospheres, orbital mycosis is rarer, and for the most part happens after spread from the Para nasal sinuses.


  • Track 1-1 Pharmacokinetics in Ocular pharmacology
  • Track 2-2 Pharmacodynamics in pharmacology
  • Track 3-3 Ocular drug delivery
  • Track 4-4 Ocular routes of drug administration
  • Track 5-5 Ocular therapeutics

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